Free the data: an open source project to forward ISOBUS messages from tractors over Bluetooth.

We want to get precision agriculture data into the cloud. We aim to be the best solution for those trying to leverage advanced information technologies to produce more food, more efficiently.

Contact us to find a way to participate, get parts to build your own ISOBlue, then follow the Tutorial to get up and running. You can fork us on GitHub, follow our progress on Trello, and join the mailing list.

ISOBlue is part of the Open Ag ToolKit initiative.

Recently, we put our effort in re-developing ISOBlue into a new ISOBUS message collection and processing platform called CANdroid. We added a new section describing this project. Please check it out!


2016 ASABE International Conference Paper
CANdroid ASABE 2016 Paper
CANdroid's Poster at ASABE 2016
CANdroid’s poster was at the ASABE 2016 conference.
Testing CANdroid During a Manure Spreading Session
We utilized CANdroid to collect ISOBUS data and performed some simple analytics with data.
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